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About Us

Our motto is to create a simple service that everyone can afford to hide their online presence.


Our private socks proxies are popular with MMORPG gamers and botters.


Bypass censorship and browse away on popular sites such as facebook, youtube, wechat and many more!


Paranoid about leaving traces? You might have come to the right place, because we do not keep logs.

Services included in our package

In our standard package, we offer the following most popular choices of vpn types in a single all-in-one package


PPTP is extremely easy to set up and is extremely fast. Since all operating system comes with it's own PPTP client by default, no additional software is needed to install to use.

L2TP with IPsec

L2TP with IPsec

Much like PPTP type of VPN, L2TP incorporates IPsec encryption making it a much more secure choice compared to PPTP. it is easy to set up and most major operating system comes with a native built-in client for L2TP type of VPN.



Open source technology that uses a myriad of encryption method. It's flexibility in running on http/https and dns ports made it one of the most popular choices of VPN out there in the market today.

Socks 5a proxy

Socks 5a proxy

Used exclusively with a third party app like proxifier with your own username and password, client can connect any program they wish through the socks's ip address. A socks 5 proxy with your own username and password ensures that the socks proxy last during the entire period of your subscription with us.

  • I have been using for the past 2 years for my Diablo LOD and they have amazing uptime! I strongly recommend this to my friends! Morci Prette
  • I was rushing to finish my assignment when i started having problems. This was 3 a.m in the morning so i submitted a ticket without expecting a reply until later in the morning but i got a respond within 15 mins! You guys either do not sleep or are in an entire different time zone than i am. Ling Zhong
  • Very quick process. I got my account in minutes. Thank you! Etikad
  • Great VPN and even better support. Thanks. Gartland1
  • I hate it when you guys have no standalone GUI to make connecting to the vpn easier, but i found out later from my conversation with the founder that he didn't want a standalone GUI because they will only trust the official open source openvpn client. God knows what code they have in a custom GUI. You guys do not care about profit, that's why i like so much about you guys. shadow
  • These guys don't promote their stuffs like others do. They are so low profile!!! and that's what make me thinks these guys are trustable. Ziana Zain

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We’re back!

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